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Adaptive Reuse and New Development Opportunity with a fast growing hospitality brand!
Partner with Skyla in leasing, buying, or developing real-estate to serve our global community of travellers in India.
A pair of two large buildings under construction clipped in a circle with sun-like element in the background
Who We Are
Skyla is one of the most favoured hospitality brands based out of Hyderabad. Offering extended stays across multiple classes, we’ve been catering to business, international, medical, and leisure tourists since 2014. We currently operate across six properties through our distinctive line-up of premium apartments and suites located in Hyderabad.
Room Nights Served
Returning Guests
Corporate Partnerships
Annual Growth Rate
We wish to partner with
Given our brand’s aspirations to compete in the USD 145 Million market in India, we wish to partner with individuals/companies that share our vision.
Icon to represent Management Consultants
Market-ready solutioning for your clients with a promise of high returns
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Real Estate

Long-term revenue model for your clients; recurring commissions for you
Icon of Property Owners
Asset class creation for a sustainable income & higher net worth
Icon of architects and designers
Architects and
Design innovation and value creation opportunity for your clients
What are we looking for
Our preferred locations include Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Goa, Mumbai, Chennai, and other major cities in India.
Super Structure / Bare Shell Properties
At least 25,000 sq.ft which must include:
  • Cellar for Parking
  • Ground Floor - Lobby / Cafe / Kiosk / Dining
  • 4-5 Floors for a minimum capacity of 40 rooms
  • Banquet Hall for 50 Pax
Preferred Localities: Business Hubs & Up-market Localities
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Collage of a building under construction to depict the bare shell property that Skyla is looking for
Collage of a commercial building to depict the type of properties that Skyla is looking for to repurpose/convert
Existing Property Conversion
  • Cellar for Parking
  • Ground Floor - Lobby / Cafe / Kiosk / Dining
  • A minimum of 40 rooms
  • Banquet Hall for 50 Pax
Preferred Localities: Business Hubs & Up-market Localities
Download Prospectus
Land - Built-to-suit (BTS) / Acquisition
At least 1,100 sq.yd. plot for:
  • At least 25,000 sq.ft. of built-up area
  • Should accommodate a cellar + ground floor + 4/5 floors
  • For Sale / Built-to-suit with a fixed lease
Preferred Localities: Business Hubs & Up-market Localities
Download Prospectus
Collage of an empty site with construction machinery to depict the type of sites Skyla is looking for to develop from the ground up
Since 2014, we’ve rapidly grown from operating one property to now operating six different properties. This wouldn’t be possible without us teaming up with some of the smartest architects, engineers, and designers.
Partnership with Skyla will open doors to:
Icon of a traveller walking with a suitcase
Building a unique value through design for varied travellers and their needs
Icon of a floor plan layout
Facilitating amenities & layout design for quality experience of guests
Icon of a group of buildings intertwined with arrows representing growth
Enabling opportunities to craft new asset classes for emerging segments
Icon of a location marker with a health indicator
Analysing the potential of the location and evolving the scope for value creation
Icon of a different size of buildings
Building an asset class that is in line with Skyla’s brand standards
Icon of a rupee symbol intertwined with a down arrow to illustrate reduced costs
Avoiding duplication and cost overruns during asset development
Hear from our Partners
“Our property was open to serve a niche community dwelling in Hyderabad’s financial district. Skyla’s go-to strategy perfectly fit into what the property and location had to offer. Our collaboration led to a hassle-free and assured occupancy of the property for a long-term, and gave enough room for the property to be repurposed later.”

Property Owner

Bare Shell Property
Skyla Serviced Suites - Gachibowli, Hyderabad

“Skyla’s partnership holds a great significance for real estate investors. We had repurposed our property from being an education centre to full-fledged serviced apartments – thanks to Skyla’s design & operational excellence. On top of value creation, our partnership also solved a critical problem of long-term tenancy.”

KN Rao
Property Owner & Developer

Property Conversion
Skyla Serviced Suites - Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

“Partnering with Skyla not only gave us an opportunity to convert our property into a premium asset, but also helped us venture into a high-value real estate space such as hospitality. Right from planning to leasing, Skyla’s built-to-suit approach had been prudent keeping the property’s current and future prospects of growth in mind.”


Skyla Serviced Suites - Madhapur, Hyderabad

Besides our standard partnerships, Skyla is always welcoming of connecting with people to explore new and impactful ways of doing business or serving the travel community.
Please feel free to connect with us
Frequently Asked Questions
What is your criteria for location fitment?

Our key parameters for location fitment is (1)A thriving Commercial Business District, Upcoming Micro Market, 4-5 km distance to IT Hubs etc. (2) Land/Building can be two/three lanes behind the main street with a 5-10 min walkable distance. (3) Minimum Road width of 40 feet, and the neighbourhood should be serene, peaceful and upmarket.

What kind of Plot/Buildings will suit you?

(1) Minimum plot size should be 1000 sq. yds. abetting a road width of 40 ft. (2) Plausible Super Built-up area of 25,000+ sq.ft. with basement, stilt and 5 upper floors (3) Possibility of configuring 40+ rooms of different room formats.

What should be the Municipal Compliance Norms?

The Landlord should have obtained the OC for the said property where a Serviced Apart business can be carried out. All plausible Fire and Safety Norms should be provisioned for commercial use.

What are the properties that you would be Interested in?

(1) Green Field [1000+ sq.yds.]: The landlord should be willing for a build-to-suit property as per the required design standards. (2) Green Field [1000+ sq.yds.] Joint Development: The construction can be done as per the proposed joint development terms. (3) Brownfield Property [Super Structure with 25000+ sq.ft. with Basement + Stilt + 5 Upper Floors]: Should be configurable to customise room formats along with required fire and safety norms. The landlord should be willing to complete as per the required design standards. (4) Conversion: Conversion of existing Hotel/similar property as per the required design standards.

What is your Operating Model?

Our primary operating model is through a Fixed Lease Contract, but we are also open to a Management Model where we would operate the Hotel on behalf of the Landlord through a contractual agreement.